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Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

Victim Empathy Course

***Court Ordered or Volunteer***

Our program meets the requirements as defined below:

-The Victim Impact Panel is live and presented by someone who has been personally affected by a DWI. The presentation will include a personal testimony on the tragic consequences of DWIs.

-The program is 2 hours in length and is designed to increase the awareness of participants by educating them on the impact of alcohol and/or drugs on others and themselves.

-The Victim Panel is facilitated by State of Texas Licensed Professional Clinical Psychotherapist and State of Texas Professional Emergency Medics who specialize in tailored evaluations, crisis response, consulting solutions, community integration, as well as Grief and Loss, and Trauma

Goal of VIP

-The goal of the victim impact panel is to demonstrate the impact that an intoxicated driver has on other individuals of a community. 

-The goal of the victim impact panel is to demonstrate the impact that violent crimes have on other individuals of a community. 

The focus of VIPs is to:
-Provide victims a structured, positive outlet to share their personal experiences
-Help offenders consider how their crimes have impacted both their victims and their community,
-Educate offenders, justice professionals, and community stakeholders about the consequences of impaired driving, and
-Build partnerships in the community to raise awareness and concern, and ultimately help to prevent future impaired driving crashes or violent crimes.

VIP Details
Available in English or Spanish
Hours: 2 hours
Location: 9739 Socorro Rd El Paso, Texas 79927
Cost: $50.00
Payment is due at Registration