Dominick Capelli , Fabian Capelli & Daddy Capelli


Prof. Samuel Capelli

Professional Behaviorist

Prof. Sandra  Capelli

Vice President/Founder

Skills Station #12

Dominick Capelli


Anger Resolution & Life Skills Specialist

Vice President Sandra Capelli

The driving force of The Capelli Group

Marketing & Support Campaigns

Organizer & Production

Prof. Samuel Capelli


Specialized System of

Behavioral Change & Life Skills

Positive Choice Theory

Martial Science Psychology



Meditation Station

Life Skills Training Program

Self-Esteem and Skills Building Education

Martial Science Behavioral  Psychology

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"Thank you for making The Capelli Group part of your mental health wellness plan"

                                                                        Samuel & Sandra Capelli

Motivational Speaking Summits


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The Capelli Family

Norma Salinger

Professional Legal Mediator