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Sandra V. Capelli

Vice President/CFO/Founder

The Capelli Group, LLC, a BIPP Domestic Violence and Anger Management and Mental Health agency was initially known as EPIC Association. This agency was originally established in 2004 by Professor Samuel V. Capelli. He developed this agency with the purpose of providing community outreach education, to aid reducing high risk activities, violent behaviors, and to promote healthy decision-making skills. EPIC Association became successful serving numerous local school districts in the El Paso County and more than a few businesses in the private sector. BIPP Domestic Violence in El Paso, reducing domestic violence is the goal of The Capelli Group.

On October of 2014, Professor Samuel V. Capelli, CEO/Founder and Sandra V. Capelli, Vice President of EPIC Association expanded their innovative ideas and changed their name to The Capelli Group, LLC. Today The Capelli Group has expanded its services to provide more in-depth assistance to those searching for a better way of life through awareness and education.

Our primary goal is teaching others awareness of unhealthy thoughts/actions. We specifically instruct and teach participants to change unwanted behaviors. We promote the discouragement of Domestic and Intimate Partner violence and foster the importance of victim safety and most significant accountability and responsibility. We strongly collaborate with family courts, probation departments, and other State/Federal agencies to help abolish family violence and unhealthy decision making.

Specialized services provided by The Capelli Group are court ordered Batterer Intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP) and Anger Management; we also concentrate and focus on Behavioral Life Skills and Professional Clinical Psychotherapy, provided by State of Texas Licensed Professional Clinical Psychotherapist. Our top notch team participates in Mobile Outreach Crisis Intervention and Crisis Debriefing for Critical Incident Response for established corporate companies and patients.

Thank you for visiting our site, if you are ready for a life change, trust in The Capelli Group, we will guide you to your greatest potential and we welcome you to be part of the Capelli Family.

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge"

-Stephen Hawkins

The Capelli Group, LLC.

Battering intervention and prevention program (BIPP),  Rehabilitation, Counseling  and education in   El Paso, Texas

Founded 2014

Prof. Samuel  V. Capelli 


The Capelli Group

El Paso, Texas

BIPP Domestic Violence

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