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Professional Education Series

Date                                       Time                                      Series Title                                                                              CEU's Provided                  Cost                                   Location                                                                       Presenter

April                                                                           BIPP Annual Conference                                                                                                                           Austin, Texas

August                                                                      Training & Development Conference                                                                                                  Houston, Texas

October                                                                    Training & Development Conference                                                                                                  Dallas, Texas

We are currently formulating new upcoming 2018 courses

(This education series is open to all  licensed professionals, non-licensed professionals, students,  student interns and case managers)

Please mail check or money order  to: 

The Capelli Group, LLC

9739 Socorro Rd

El Paso, Texas 79927

To register for the Professional Education  Series please contact The Capelli Group for phone registration to reserve your seat. Seats will be reserved upon payment.

The Capelli Group are

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Continuing Education - CE Providers #3042

Since 2001, The Capelli Group's education and training in El Paso Programs has been a link between awareness training and community-based organizations, educational institutions, private and public organizations that work with bringing the most updated and awareness on various topics. The programs offer educational modules and trainings via ongoing partnerships with these organizations. Community Educational Engagement staff go out to neighborhood programs and educational institutions as well as faith based organizations on a regular basis. We also provide a variety of resources to some of these organizations, including free educational materials, professional in-service workshops for staff, and access to other Capelli Group resources.

The Capelli Group strives in finding new ways to serve the community. The efforts of The Capelli Group community outreach are motivated by the belief that the entire community benefits when the people within it are physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

We build partnerships with community members through a wide variety of educational modules. We work with community groups and organizations to bring quality educational programs to surrounding neighborhoods, and we believe in helping individuals make positive health and wellness choices. Our modules, sessions and educational classes can be taught at your place of business or educational institute . Classes are also available at The Capelli Group, where you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and learn  on the 4 major learning techniques that are sure to help you excel in any academic setting.


  • HIV/AIDS Education, Training and Supportive Counseling
  • Sexual Transmitted Infections
  • Healthy Relationships-for all age groups
  • The Law of Thinking
  • Teenage Pregnancy and What to Expect
  • Developmental Stages
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Parenting Classes- The Crossroads Curriculum
  • Vocational & Career Development
  • All public school presentations focus on teaching abstinence & Choice Theory 
  • Domestic Violence & Safety Plan

The Capelli Group, LLC

Education and Training